Death of James (Jim) Allan Baikie Gunn

5 February 1923 – 5 April 2022

Jim Gunn died peacefully on 5 April 2022. A service of Thanksgiving to celebrate his life was held on Friday 22 April 2022.

Jim Gunn

The service was held at Saint Michael’s Anglican Church, Mitcham, South Australia and was attended by many friends and relatives.

Jim left his mark in life as a loving father, husband to his late wife Maurine, a world-class leader in educational methodology and practice, a craftsman, public speaker and entertainer.

Throughout his life he did his best in protecting and supporting his family and friends for which we will always be grateful.  And he was a proud senior member of Clan Gunn in Adelaide, working enthusiastically with Malcolm Gunn in ensuring the Gunn heritage was firmly established. 

Jim was the father of your website editor, Andrew Gunn, and father of daughters Kathryn, Helen and Amanda.

Sadly missed by all those who knew and loved him, he will be remembered as a truly wonderful man who blessed our lives.

Ave James Allan Baikie Gunn.



Death of Carol Schofield

It is with regret we have to report the death of Carol Schofield, wife of Robert Schofield (grandson of Marg and Bob Threadgold). Carol was a much loved wife, mother and teacher who took an active interest in our clan gatherings. The family historian (Malcolm Gunn) has created a new page for the Gunn Family book (p.268)

This new page is available as a pdf file and available here.

Adelaide philanthropist honoured in death

A collection of newspaper articles on the passing of David Ronald Gunn, on May 9, 2017 and marked by generous donations to various charities has been collated and is now available for download as a pdf file. The family historian (Malcolm Gunn) has made this as part of the Gunn Family book.

David was married to Muriel who predeceased him. Her death inspired him to donate significant funds to the Flinders Medical Centre, Red Cross and Animal Welfare League amongst others. More details are available in the article.

Death of Adelaide philanthropist and entrepreneur David Gunn

The death of David Ronald Ian Gunn on May 9, 2017 in Goolwa South Australia is remembered with great sadness.

David Gunn was the son of Ron and Ella Gunn, born in Semaphore, Adelaide on March 31 1934.  He was married to Muriel, but they had no children.

David is remembered for his great generosity in being a major donor to medical research in South Australia.

The detailed obituary to David, published in the Adelaide Advertiser can be downloaded from the obituaries page of this site.


Recent additions to the Gunn Family book

From time to time I receive updates and supplementary information from the family historian Malcolm Gunn for publication as addendum to the Gunn Family book.  Sadly, I have recently added two extra pages that are obituaries to members of the family who have passed on.

The latest additions are for Mac Waters (b. Aug 16 1932, d. March 2 2016) and Bernard Thompson (b. May 4 1928, d. Nov 23 2015). The links to these pages are available on the Gunn Family Book page of the website.


David Gunn donates neurological microscope to Flinders Medical Centre

David Gunn, philanthropist

David Gunn, philanthropist

David Gunn can thank a storm in London for helping him become an enormously successful businessman. In January 1965 he and his wife Muriel were in London and, while out walking on a bleak day, and with money running out, a sleet shower saw them duck into a building for warmth. They had entered Canada House and were persuaded to migrate to Montreal. While in Canada in the late 60’s and early 70’s, David realised the potential for using polyurethane foam as a new form of insulation on an engineering project.  He returned to Adelaide and set up business in 1972.

Now aged 80, David has overseen donations through the Muriel Gunn Medical Research Trust Fund set up in honour of his beloved wife who died of brain cancer in 1980. In retirement, he has donated more than $2 million to medical research.

More information about David and his donation of $500,000 for the microscope can be read here… and here for other details about his philanthropic activities.


Last trip down under for Scots clipper

David Mann, left, of the Scottish Maritime Museum, and Peter Christopher of the Adelaide charity in front of the clipper

David Mann, left, of the Scottish Maritime Museum, and Peter Christopher of the Adelaide charity in front of the clipper

The world’s oldest surviving clipper has been transferred to her new owners, before her final journey from Scotland to Australia.  The City of Adelaide – built in 1864 to take emigrants from Europe to Australia – has voyaged south for the first time in 125 years. The ship has been transported from Scotland in the hold of a cargo ship for its journey to Australia. She arrived in Adelaide last spring and is now to be restored at Fletcher’s Slip in Port Adelaide.

The newspaper article describing the full story of the City of Adelaide clipper can be downloaded from here.

Obituary for Jane Gunn posted

Rather belatedly, and with apologies to her family, the editor has now published an obituary for Jane Elizabeth  Gunn (born 20 April 1955), the daughter of Keith and Faye Gunn), who died on 20 October 2013, after a long illness.

My thanks to Jane’s brother, Peter Gunn, for providing heartfelt words that can be read on the obituaries page of the website.

Update: Ken Sutherland’s musical Prophecy

Ken Sutherland’s musical Prophecy(previous post) has had a run in a local theatre (Edinburgh, Scotland) 9-13 September and went very well. Ken says “People seemed to like it and reviews were quite good. We may take it further next year if a professional company does not show an interest. You can read reviews on twitter at the prophecymusical website. It was filmed and there will be a DVD in due course”.