The Gunn Family Book

History of the clan written by Malcolm Gunn

The Gunn family historian is Malcolm Gunn of Adelaide, South Australia.  He has published a book on the history of the Gunn Family of Auckingill.  Until recently he also published the Gunn family newsletter on a semi-regular basis, but this work has stopped, preference being to contribute directly to the website nowadays. Occasionally the Gunn Family Book will be updated with additional pages as required by events.

Downloads of the book and of each of the newsletters are available from this page.

You will need to download Adobe Reader to be able to read the files, if you do not already have it installed on your computer.

To make the process less time consuming, the book has been separated into sections so that downloads of parts of the book can be made selectively. Click on the link below for the section you want.

Note:There are now two versions available for download.  In February 2012 Malcolm Gunn completed a revision of the original version by adding lots more information and correcting some minor errors that occurred in the original publication.

Revised Version (February 2012)


  • Development of the book has been ongoing since April 2004.
  • Revisions come from news provided by contacts and the family…births, marriages and deaths, as well as from queries on the Gunn website…
  • The index will not be revised.
  • Where pages have been altered needing extra pages, the letters “a, b, c…” have been added with original page number.

Section 1 and 2 (pp 1-46) – The Story of Donald Gunn and Helen Baikie, Our Ancestors

Section 3 (pp 47 – 118)Donald and Helen

Section 4a (pp 119 – 207) – The Children of Donald and Helen and Their Families

Section 4b (pp 208 – 312) – The Children of Donald and Helen and their families (cont)

Section 5 (pp 313 – 393) – The Extended Family

Section 6 (pp 393.Gunn1-Gunn30, Baikie1-Baikie11) – Some Distant Cousins (new)

Section 7a (pp 394 – 434) – Appendix 1 and Index

Section 7b (pp 1 – 103) – Appendix 2 – Summary Family Trees and Family Groups,

Research Sources 

Gunn, Baikie & Geddes Historical Ancestral Sites in Caithness

Gunn Sites at Port Adelaide and Tailem Bend, South Australia

Original Version

Section 1 The Story of Donald Gunn and Helen Baikie
Section 2 Our Ancestors
Section 3 Index – Notes, Additions, Alterations
Section 4 The Children of Donald and Helen
Section 5 The Extended Family
Section 6.1 Appendix 1
Section 6.2 Appendix 2
Section 7 Index
Research Sources

Gunn Family Newsletters (no longer in production)

Until recently Malcolm Gunn has published a newsletter to provide current updates for what is happening in the Gunn Clan family. Copies of these can be downloaded by clicking on he links below.

You will need to download Adobe Reader to read the files if you do not already have it installed on your computer.

Issue 1 March 2003
Issue 2 January 2004
Issue 3 June 2005
Issue 4 July 2006
Issue 5 March 2007
Issue 6 February 2008
Issue 7 February 2009
Issue 8 June 2010
Issue 9 March 2011
Issue 10 February 2012 (last issue)

2006 Gunn family re-union DVD

2006 reunion

2006 reunion

Final touches have been made to the DVD covering events of the last reunion held in Adelaide April 29-30.

The DVD is slightly more than one hour in length and provides a way to relive the fun and atmosphere of the reunion. There are scenes from events held in the PACS hall, including Malcolm Gunn’s background of historical research into the Gunn family, Murray Hill’s description of his trip to Scotland as well as the dancing, prize-giving and acknowledgements for all the work put into making it a success.

The DVD was warmly praised when members of the Gunn Family reunion organising committee had an opportunity to preview the DVD recently.

“Fantastic, really great” – Malcolm Gunn

“A lot of fun, very professional” – Jim Gunn

Order a copy of the 2006 Gunn family re-union DVD for $10.00 (p&p incl). Email Andrew Gunn to request a copy.

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  1. I have quite enjoyed the history of the gunn family and traditionds. my name is coral gunn and my father is Alfred William gunn, my grandmother is may hardy from Scotland. my grandfarther is also Alfred William gunn from Ireland, so I am intrigued of finding where exactly I fit in. so I will continue finding out more. makes me very proud of being a gunn.

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