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Murray Hill passed away February 22nd 2014

A memorial service to celebrate the life of Murray Hill was held in St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Williamstown on March 3rd 2014.  Murray died after a brief illness, surrounded by his family.  He was mutch loved and loving father of Barbara and father of Anne, Tom. Peter and David.

More information can be found on the Obituaries page of the website where there are additional pages about Murray from the Family Book which can be viewed and downloaded.

Jo Mastus passed away February 20th, 2012

The following message was received by the editor on 21 February, from Malcolm Gunn.

Beloved Rivergate team,

Our darling Jo (Mastus) finally died of cancer at 8:20pm last night. Memories of her graciousness, love, faith and encouragement are swirling around my mind.   Her wonderful, faithful husband, George, was by her side along with her two daughters.   George had been beside her bed in hospital tirelessly for weeks and weeks.   Love is indeed beautiful.

 I don’t know when the funeral is.   Probably this Saturday or Monday.  I’ll let you know when.

Without swamping George, let’s ‘love on him’ in the coming year.

 …and she is with the Lord now.   I’m just a teeny bit jealous.



Graham Gunn

Graham Gunn passed away October 17, 2011

Graham died on the 17th October, 2011, aged 85 at the Kalyra Nursing Home, McLaren Vale, South Australia. A private service was held at Centennial Park, Adelaide, and his ashes were scattered.

Graham was Jim Gunn’s younger brother and father of Tim and Chris (deceased).  A private service was held for immediate family on October 21, 2011 at Centennial Park.

Graham’s life is summarised in the revised edition of the Gunn Family Book (pp 160 – 161) published 8 February 2012.

Keith Gunn passed away April 5, 2008

Keith and Faye Gunn

Keith and Faye Gunn

Doug Morey, a parson, but also a friend of Keith and Faye for over 60 years presided over the funeral service. Their friendship began when his father became the minister at the Port Adelaide Presbyterian Church back in the late 1940’s. The Gunn’s were prominent members of the Church and Keith and he soon “palled up”.

Read the full obituary in the Gunn Family Newsletter Issue 7.

Phyl Gunn dies – 88 years of age

Phyl Gunn

Phyl Gunn

Malcolm Gunn’s mother (Phyl Gunn) died peacefully on 31 August 2006 in her sleep. Phyl had bronchial pneumonia. I do not remember meeting her as a child, but she was much loved and is fondly remembered by Malcolm and his family. Phyl nursed Malcolm’s Dad (Don) through his motor-neurone disease towards the end of his life. She was the mother of three boys – Malcolm, Robert and Trevor.
(see newsletter Issue 5 for more details)

Kelly Gunn gets engaged

Kelly and Adam

Kelly and Adam

One down, one to go! Kelly Gunn’s brother Ben got married in November 2007. Now its her turn (well, we think so). A day after Valentine’s day 2008, Kelly’s boyfriend, Adam got down on his knees and asked her to marry him. Kelly was delighted to accept and now she and Adam are engaged. Kelly is now sporting a diamond ring on her finger of course. Kelly and Adam have recently returned from an eighteen month working holiday/tour around the world.

Kelly’s parents are very pleased with the development and wish the couple everlasting happiness and contentment with each other.


Musicians Yiani and Ilya Harpas are the two talented sons of Helen Harpas (ne Gunn), and grandson’s of Jim Gunn. They have a music website that tells about their music, gigs, photos and allows download and purchase of their music. Redice also have a racing website where there are reports about their gokart racing exploits.

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