David Gunn donates neurological microscope to Flinders Medical Centre

David Gunn, philanthropist

David Gunn, philanthropist

David Gunn can thank a storm in London for helping him become an enormously successful businessman. In January 1965 he and his wife Muriel were in London and, while out walking on a bleak day, and with money running out, a sleet shower saw them duck into a building for warmth. They had entered Canada House and were persuaded to migrate to Montreal. While in Canada in the late 60’s and early 70’s, David realised the potential for using polyurethane foam as a new form of insulation on an engineering project.  He returned to Adelaide and set up business in 1972.

Now aged 80, David has overseen donations through the Muriel Gunn Medical Research Trust Fund set up in honour of his beloved wife who died of brain cancer in 1980. In retirement, he has donated more than $2 million to medical research.

More information about David and his donation of $500,000 for the microscope can be read here… and here for other details about his philanthropic activities.


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