Editor’s grand-daughter number four

Ruth with new born Pollyanna Lemke

Ruth with new born Pollyanna Lemke

Editor Andrew Gunn’s daughter, Kelly, delivered her third daughter (Andrew’s fourth grand-daughter) on July 25th, 2014. Both mother and daughter were healthy and well after the new arrival. Andrew’s family were all very happy to greet Pollyanna who, with sisters Joscelyn and Phoebe has now swelled the ranks of Andrew and Ruth’s grandchildren to five in number. Her cousins Grace and Harry Gunn (children of Ben and Carina Gunn) were happy to greet her into the world. Pollyanna’s father, Adam Lemke, was of course, also very proud of his new and beautiful little girl.


“Intelligence officer Marika Hartmann captures an extremist foot-soldier guilty of a massacre of school children and aid workers in Southern Somalia.

Renditioned to a CIA ‘black site’ in Djibouti, the prisoner hints at a terror plot in the making.Marika and ex-Special Forces colleague PJ Johnson team up to investigate, uncovering a cold-blooded conspiracy that will decimate the cities of the West. From the refugee camps of East Africa to the azure waters off the Iranian coast, the marshes of Iraq to Syria’s parched eastern desert, SAVAGE TIDE is a manhunt, a quest for truth, and a desperate search for the legacy of a cruel regime bent on dominating the world”.

Greg Barron has lived in both North America and Australia, and studied International Terrorism at Scotland’s prestigious St Andrew’s University. He has visited five of the world’s seven continents, once canoed down a flooded tropical river, and crossed Arnhem Land on foot. Greg’s writing reflects his interests in political, social and environmental change. He lives on a small farm in Eastern Australia’s coastal hinterland, with his family. His first novel, Rotten Gods was published by Harper Collins Australia in 2012.

CATEGORY — General Fiction; PUBLICATION DATE — 1 July 2013; RRP $29.99
GREG BARRON is available for interview as he travels around the country throughout July.
Please contact: Jane Finemore, Publicity Manager; jane.finemore@harpercollins.com.au / 02 9952 5477

Peter Gunn – Professor of Forensic Biology at the University of Technology Sydney

Late in 2012, Peter GUNN took up a position as Associate Professor
of Forensic Biology at the University of Technology Sydney

“After over ten years at NSW Police as Senior Operations Manager
of Forensic Biology, I decided it was time for a late-life career
change. Being involved in the investigations of the Bali bombings,
the 2004 Tsunami, plus about 65 homicides (mainly my staff), I decided
it was time for a different set of challenges.
I was the first person in the southern hemisphere to perform DNA
testing in criminal matters (way back in the late 1980s), but things
have moved on, and it’ was time for me to try catching up on the science
before I am too old!
I am enjoying the teaching role of the position, and am looking forward
to undertaking some serious research into various areas that
are not directly related to “catching crooks.”
Meanwhile Madeline and I continue to age gracefully”.

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Ken Sutherland’s Musical (p. 317b of the Family Book)

Prophecy (by Iain Mackintosh, Ian Turnbull & Ken Sutherland) is a full-length stage musical
based on the legend of the Brahan Seer and the ill-fated House of Seaforth.
The action takes place mainly in Scotland; on the Isle of Lewis, the Brahan Estates
near Strathpeffer, and on the Black Isle. A brief interlude in Paris also features.
The story is set in the third quarter of the 17th century, with a short excursion
to 1815 and back.

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Ozgunns now have a Facebook site

Ozgunns is now on facebook
In order to make it easier for potential readers to discover our wonderful website Andrew Gunn has now created an Ozgunns Facebook site.
In a recent conversation with the family historian, Malcolm Gunn, it was decided that the potential opportunity of engaging a wider audience through this second channel of communication should be seized.
The www.ozgunns.com website has actually been an astounding success, with world-wide readership, and having facilitated the discovery of previously unknown relatives and connections across various branches of the family tree.
A link to the Facebook site has been created (left). By right-clicking and opening the link on a new browser tab, users will be taken directly to the Facebook site. A link has also been placed on the Contacts page of this website.
Currently there is not much content on the Facebook site, but it is expected that this will grow over time.

Jim Gunn celebrates his 90th birthday

Jim responds with a little talk

Still firing on all cylinders, Jim Gunn, father of website editor Andrew Gunn, and of daughters Kath, Helen and Mandy had his 90th birthday on February 5, 2013.

Jim’s celebrations occurred on February 2nd, a few days earlier than his actual birthday.  There was a large turn-out of Jim’s family and friends for the occasion, when Helen Harpas (Gunn) and husband Steve hosted the occasion.

Over 50 guests arrived at the appointed time, with a large contingent from New South Wales.  The whole of the Gunn Clan from Sydney seemed to have descended upon Adelaide!  Andrew’s son and daughter had flown into Adelaide the previous day and they had brought their respective spouses and children with them.

Jim’s daughter, Mandy, had also flown in a few days earlier from Tasmania.

A magician miraculously appeared and several mysterious tricks later, the guests were treated to a feast of cakes, pies and barbecued shasliks.

To wrap up the events, Keith Bull delivered a humorous anecdote about his experiences in pushing Jim’s three-wheeler car when it broke down many years ago when the two of them attended university at night.  Andrew presented his father with a scrapbook containing photos and messages from members of the immediate family.  Jim also presented his great grandchildren with some wooden toys he had crafted in his workshop, as well as congratulating each member of the family for their achievements.

By 5 o’clock guests began to dwindle away with some very happy memories.

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Grand-daughter number three for editor Andrew Gunn

Mammy Ruth holds grand-daughter number three, Phoebe Lemke

Phoebe Lemke, has arrived. She was born 9.28 pm on Monday 8 October 2012. 55 cm and 3.4 Kg. Phoebe’s parents Kelly (Gunn) and Adam Lemke are of course very pleased that Mother and child are both well. Their first born daughter Joscelyn now has a baby sister.
Andrew Gunn (site editor) and partner Ruth Stewart are now the proud Grandparents of four grand-children!

Another Gunn arrives in the arsenal

Andrew Gunn holds his new grandson

Andrew Gunn holds his new grandson

Ben Gunn (son of website editor Andrew Gunn) and his wife Carina have welcomed their second child into the world.
Harry Benjamin Gunn was born on Thursday 22 March 2012 at St George Hospital, Kogarah, Sydney. Harry was delivered by Caesarean Section and both baby and mum are well.

Gunn Newsletter number 10 now published

As is his way, Malcolm Gunn has once again done a great job in putting together the latest Gunn family newsletter. If you haven’t already received a copy by email, then you can download and read a copy from the Publications page of the website.
The newsletter reports on a range of events, including

  •  James MA Gunn asks Malcolm to be a signatory to a Petition to the Lord Lyon
    Court to convene a Family Convention to appoint Iain A Gunn of Banniskirk Chief of the
    Clan Gunn…
  •  Doug and Mavis Gunn’s eulogy by Millie Gunn
  •  Death of Graham Gunn, brother of Jim Gunn
  •  Birth of Daisy Gunn and Joscelyn (Gunn) Lemke and
  •  A geneological update

Thanks Malcolm.  Another great effort (ed).

Ozgunns website editor committed

Ruth and Andrew – committed

The editor of the Ozgunns website, Andrew Gunn has finally been committed. No – he hasn’t gone insane, rather he has publically pledged his commitment to his long-term partner of sixteen years, Ruth Stewart.Andrew and Ruth originally met each other while they were both working in the NSW Department of Education.  Since then they have seen their love grow from strength to strength.The ceremony to celebrate their commitment to each other was conducted by a former colleague of Andrew’s -Heather.Andrew and Ruth invited over forty family and friends to celebrate with them on 25 January 2012, two days after Andrew’s 60th birthday.The ceremony took place in Eden Gardens at North Ryde, Sydney.  Fine weather had been hoped for, but as it turned out, heavy rain fell and the entire proceedings were conducted under cover.  This did not deter people from having a good time at the event.One of the highlights of the afternoon was when Ray sang a song titled “Grace”, a play on words referring both to an unexpected happiness as well as the granddaughter of Ruth and Andrew, daughter of Ben and Carina Gunn. The significance of this is in the fact that since the birth of Grace, Ruth has become very comfortable with the role of Mammy Ruth and regularly looks after Grace on weekdays when Carina and Ben are at work or there is a need for extra support at times.

Ray dedicates his song to “Grace”

The commitment certificate was signed by friends Lee and Ron and later there were speeches from Andrew’s father, Jim Gunn, Ron, Ruth’s son Garth and Andrew. Jim had flown over from Adelaide specially for the occasion with Andrew’s sister Helen. Others from Adelaide included friends Phil and Elena with their son Luca.

Many other friends and relatives attended, a number of whom joined with Ruth and Andrew at their home after the ceremony for the “reception”.Technically, this was not a marriage.  However, Ruth and Andrew believe that it was an occasion to celebrate their relationship and they thank everyone who attended.  The presence of each and every one of the guests meant a great deal to them.