The Gunn-Keith Treaty

Transcription of the Gunn-Keith Clan Treaty Text

The Treaty

The Treaty

The following Transcription of the Treaty Text was provided by Carl Pritchett of Clan Keith

BE IT KNOWN TO ALL MANKIND By These Presents That We, Sir James Ian Keith, Earl Of Kintore, Baron Kintore Of Inverurie, In The Peerage Of Scotland And Viscount Stonehaven And Baron Stonehaven In The Peerage Of The United Kingdom, Baronet, Chief Of The Honourable Clan Keith, And Ian Alexander Gunn Of Banniskirk, Commander Of The Honourable Clan Gunn, Considering That A Feud Has Existed Between Our Two Clans For Over 500 Years, Occasioning Much Bloodshed And Bitterness, Now On The 500th Anniversary Of The Fray At St. Tears Chapel, Ackergill In The County Of Caithness, Enter This Bond And Covenant Of Friendship Between Our Two Clans For All Time Coming, And We Undertake That We, Our Heirs, Kin, Friends And Assistors Shall Never In Time Coming Invade, Pursue Nor Trouble One The Other, And We Further Trust That In All Time Coming Our Two Clans Will Stay Reconciled:

IN WITNESS WHEREOF We, The Said Sir James Ian Keith, Earl Of Kintore, And Ian Alexander Gunn Of Banniskirk, Have Subscribed These Presents At St. Tears This Twenty-Eighth Day Of July In The Year Of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred And Seventy-Eight, Before These Witnesses.

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  1. Did they show up with 24 Keith’s to sign this document?
    Bitter to the end…. Clan Gunn San Diego California.

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