“Intelligence officer Marika Hartmann captures an extremist foot-soldier guilty of a massacre of school children and aid workers in Southern Somalia.

Renditioned to a CIA ‘black site’ in Djibouti, the prisoner hints at a terror plot in the making.Marika and ex-Special Forces colleague PJ Johnson team up to investigate, uncovering a cold-blooded conspiracy that will decimate the cities of the West. From the refugee camps of East Africa to the azure waters off the Iranian coast, the marshes of Iraq to Syria’s parched eastern desert, SAVAGE TIDE is a manhunt, a quest for truth, and a desperate search for the legacy of a cruel regime bent on dominating the world”.

Greg Barron has lived in both North America and Australia, and studied International Terrorism at Scotland’s prestigious St Andrew’s University. He has visited five of the world’s seven continents, once canoed down a flooded tropical river, and crossed Arnhem Land on foot. Greg’s writing reflects his interests in political, social and environmental change. He lives on a small farm in Eastern Australia’s coastal hinterland, with his family. His first novel, Rotten Gods was published by Harper Collins Australia in 2012.

CATEGORY — General Fiction; PUBLICATION DATE — 1 July 2013; RRP $29.99
GREG BARRON is available for interview as he travels around the country throughout July.
Please contact: Jane Finemore, Publicity Manager; / 02 9952 5477

Now there is a novel about the Gunn Clan

Celtic Blood promotional

A new book has recently been published by author Jim Loftus (published through Amazon, Kindle Books), Celtic Blood, set in 13th century Scotland. Celtic Blood explores the early history of the MacAedh’s, later known as MacKays and the mythical originator of clan Gunn. There are differing versions of the early history of clan Gunn, as that is the case, the author’s version uses the bare bones of the scant historic record and weaves a story. Jim Loftus is a new writer seeking a readership. His book is thoroughly researched and is a tale of high drama.