The Troup Family Highland Dancers

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Some of you know that since the 2006 Gunn Family Reunion the Troup Family (Jan and Malcolm’s Grandkids) have been transformed into true Scots.

Initially it began with Sarah, Josiah and Isaac becoming Highland dancers at Port Adelaide Caledonian Society. Sarah and the boys have competed in competitions and even won a medal or two.

The reason for the fuss is that SA Pipes and Drums have been asked to attend the inaugural Military Tattoo in the RED SQUARE in Moscow. This was very exciting as by this time JAMES (a second generation Scot himself of the Gordon Clan) was learning Tenor Drums (the stick-twirling guy!!) so they have been invited to attend.

Joshua just may be the youngest drummer there! This is a ground breaking HISTORIC event in Russia, never before has so many performers been invited to this closed society…so the Troups decided it was too good to miss so we all decided to go WOW, thus fund raising has begun in earnest.

We have also found out that Sarah too will be helping fundraise and may have opportunity to dance in Russia. So in between school Highland Dance comps, SA Pipes and Drum fundraisers and our own events we have our work cut out for us!
Exciting times ahead and too good an opportunity to miss. We will then travel to the UK and visit James’ roots and mine of course in our beloved Scotland. With a look in London etc.
Thanks to all who are supporting and will be supporting us on our trip. Thanks to Mum and Dad, Pt Adelaide Caledonian Society, members of SA Pipes and Drums and everyone else!!
The wee lads and lassies appreciate it!!!!

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