Jim Gunn celebrates his 90th birthday

Jim responds with a little talk

Still firing on all cylinders, Jim Gunn, father of website editor Andrew Gunn, and of daughters Kath, Helen and Mandy had his 90th birthday on February 5, 2013.

Jim’s celebrations occurred on February 2nd, a few days earlier than his actual birthday.  There was a large turn-out of Jim’s family and friends for the occasion, when Helen Harpas (Gunn) and husband Steve hosted the occasion.

Over 50 guests arrived at the appointed time, with a large contingent from New South Wales.  The whole of the Gunn Clan from Sydney seemed to have descended upon Adelaide!  Andrew’s son and daughter had flown into Adelaide the previous day and they had brought their respective spouses and children with them.

Jim’s daughter, Mandy, had also flown in a few days earlier from Tasmania.

A magician miraculously appeared and several mysterious tricks later, the guests were treated to a feast of cakes, pies and barbecued shasliks.

To wrap up the events, Keith Bull delivered a humorous anecdote about his experiences in pushing Jim’s three-wheeler car when it broke down many years ago when the two of them attended university at night.  Andrew presented his father with a scrapbook containing photos and messages from members of the immediate family.  Jim also presented his great grandchildren with some wooden toys he had crafted in his workshop, as well as congratulating each member of the family for their achievements.

By 5 o’clock guests began to dwindle away with some very happy memories.

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Grand-daughter number three for editor Andrew Gunn

Mammy Ruth holds grand-daughter number three, Phoebe Lemke

Phoebe Lemke, has arrived. She was born 9.28 pm on Monday 8 October 2012. 55 cm and 3.4 Kg. Phoebe’s parents Kelly (Gunn) and Adam Lemke are of course very pleased that Mother and child are both well. Their first born daughter Joscelyn now has a baby sister.
Andrew Gunn (site editor) and partner Ruth Stewart are now the proud Grandparents of four grand-children!

Kelly Gunn announces wedding date

Kurnell picnic with Kelly and Adam

Kurnell picnic with Kelly and Adam

We were beginning to think it may never happen. Kelly Gunn, daughter of Andrew Gunn in Sydney, has now set a date for her wedding to Adam Lemke.  Kelly and Adam announced their engagement soon after Valentine’s Day in 2008.  Now, over a year later, there is mark on the calendar for 10 December 2009 as being the date for the wedding.

Kelly and Adam are planning an informal wedding with an outdoors ceremony and a reception for invited guests in one of the local clubs.  Of course we look forward to the occasion with great anticipation and interest.  We also wish them both a long and happy life together in the future.

Above: Kelly and Adam were having a picnic with Ruth and Andrew at Kurnell, South Sydney, when Adam popped the question of asking for Kelly’s hand in marriage.

Sydney Gunns visit Adelaide Easter 2009

Jim Gunn with grandson Ben in Divett Street, Port Adelaide

Jim Gunn with grandson Ben in Divett Street, Port Adelaide

In a surprise visit to his father, Jim Gunn, the website editor drove from Sydney to Adelaide over the Easter break this year. He was accompanied by his son (Ben), Ben’s wife (Carina) and Andrew’s partner (Ruth).
The four days were filled with great times catching up with Andrew’s sister’s family (Helen Harpas) and with visiting places of interest in and around Adelaide. This included trips to Victor Harbour, the Barossa Valley and, closer to home, Glenelg and Port Adelaide. As an added bonus, Carina’s parents (John and Linda Curry) had also decided to drive over to South Australia and were in Adelaide at the same time, so it was possible to share many of these experiences together. The photo at left shows Jim Gunn talking with his grandson, Ben Gunn, outside the building that once housed the tailor-shop once owned and run by Jim’s father, Ben Gunn senior in Divett Street, Port Adelaide.