Meeting the locals in Waratah

Waratah township romances Valentines Visitors

Meeting the locals in Waratah

So how good is that? We met the locals in Waratah (Tasmania) in a cafe in and had such a great night.

Ray, Lee, Ruth and I spent February 14 2012 (Valentines Day) being wined and dined with a group of locals. What a great night. The locals became friendly and told us some stories about the place that we would never have heard otherwise. More than one bottle of wine was consumed over a period of three hours. We heard the story of how the town of Waratah prospered with the rise nd fall of the tin mine. We heard how the closure of the school was a devastating blow to the community, about the way the town had developed since tin mining was no more part of the town’s economy, and about various other features of the town.

Where else could we have had such a special night for Valentines Day?  Next day we visited Sue, one of the locals we met, at her home where she very graciously showed us her garden which was an absolute delight.  Waratah was a very pleasant surprise for us all and was well worth the visit.

Ray, Ruth, me and Lee at the Waratah cafe

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