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A walk in the rainforest
A walk in the rainforest
Lee inspects the crop
Lee inspects the tea crop
My two female travelling companions
QL_RoadTrip_Aug_2014 (1).jpg
A relaxing wedding anniversary
QL_RoadTrip_Aug_2014 (10).jpg
More crocodiles
QL_RoadTrip_Aug_2014 (11).jpg
Cannon ball fruit from the mangrove swamp
QL_RoadTrip_Aug_2014 (12).jpg
Crocodiles in the river
QL_RoadTrip_Aug_2014 (13).jpg
Ruth enjoys a break in the coffee shop
QL_RoadTrip_Aug_2014 (14).jpg
Strolling in Kanundra
QL_RoadTrip_Aug_2014 (15).jpg
Storm clouds gathering over national park, near Kanundra
QL_RoadTrip_Aug_2014 (16).jpg
Sugar cane train
QL_RoadTrip_Aug_2014 (17).jpg
Moss covered tree in rainforest
QL_RoadTrip_Aug_2014 (2).jpg
Port Douglas from lookout
QL_RoadTrip_Aug_2014 (3).jpg
Port Douglas beach
QL_RoadTrip_Aug_2014 (4).jpg
WWII bomb memorial - Japanese air-raids on Douglas Shire 1942
QL_RoadTrip_Aug_2014 (5).jpg
Checking where we are
Tea machine
Used for grading and sorting harvested tea.
Our road trip up to the Daintree rainforest and back to Cairns in August 2014

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