Helping Garth create a website

Garth running a marathon

Today I helped Garth put together his new website for his business, Synenergywellbeing.  I had to research how this was done in WordPress because it has been some time since I last did this for my own site and I had forgotten.

It took me a while, but eventually I got it.

Points to note:

1. Download and unzip the WordPress files from the WordPress site on the net.

2. Set up your MySQL database, ensuring all the admin rights have been assigned to the database admin user, as instructed.

3. Change the parameters in the first three lines of code within the wp-admin/config-sample.pmp file on the computer, save it again as config.pmp then upload it to the server (an ftp application is needed for this and I use FireFTP in Firefox.  The server access details are needed of course, available from the internet service provider).

4. In the web browser, go to the location of the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions.

Things must be done in the correct order, no mistakes.

The picture on the left is of Garth running a marathon.  I felt a bit like this myself in doing the website.  But now that it works, I feel like I’ve achieved something worthwhile.

Sydney Gunn Clan invades Adelaide

On the left we have Kelly, Adam and Joscelyn. This picture was taken during our long weekend stay over in Adelaide from June 11 to June 14, 2011. It was a great weekend for the Gunn Clan from both Sydney and Adelaide.  The Sydney mob had decided some months earlier that we would fly down to Adelaide and visit the Adelaide family.  Dad, Kath and Helen with her family had the chance to catch up not only with Ruth and me, but also with Ben, Carina, Grace, Kelly, Adam and of course, the new addition to the family – Joscelyn.  Dad was pretty chuffed with things – it was his first chance to actually see the new 11 week old great-grand-daughter in real life and to hold her in his arms.

Of course the other star attraction was Grace – first born great-grand-daughter and now about 15 months old.  It had been almost exactly a year since Ben and Carina had last visited Adelaide with Grace.  At the time Grace was also roughly 11 weeks old.  The timing was impeccable!

The Sydney contingent all stayed for three nights in a rented three bedroom apartment.  This was a convenient way for us to have found accommodation, and relatively economical too.  In the past my sister Helen has always been able to find a room for us.  On this occasion however, it would have been impossible for her to have housed all of us.

Ben, Grace and Carina

There were two main objectives for a successful weekend that Ruth and I had in mind.  One was to ensure that Dad had ample opportunity to spend time with the family, including those of us from Sydney.  The other objective was for Ruth and me to catch up with some friends who we had not seen for some time.  The Sunday of the weekend was scheduled for a trip to the Barossa Valley  – something we seem to always do when in South Australia.  Dad accompanied Ruth, Kath and me in a car we borrowed from sister Helen.  The others had hired cars of their own.  We had a great day, but it was very tiring for Kelly and Adam  as Joscelyn didn’t travel well in the car.

At left are some pictures taken while we were having lunch at Peter Lehman’s Winery in the Barossa.  I highly recommend this place for a great lunch where one can buy a taster plate of cheese, biscuits, olives, salami etc to have for lunch, accompanied by a bottle of excellent wine bought at the cellar door.  ALl this can be enjoyed inside warm and dry in winter, or, weather permitting, outside in the park-like surrounds which are beautifully kept.

Me, Kath, Ruth, Grace, Ben and Dad

On Monday we called in on some friends who Ruth and I worked with in Sydney about 15 years ago.  We also visited a friend of mine who I have known for almost 40 years.  Phil is a lecturer in accountancy in a university in Adelaide and we spent a very enjoyable afternoon with him and his family. On Tuesday, Ruth and I visited a friend from Sydney who had recently moved to Adelaide.  She had settled into a new apartment situated near Port Adelaide.

Our departure was scheduled for Tuesday around noon and this time arrived all too soon.  This was the day when volcanic ash was spreading from an eruption in South America and was causing havoc with air flight schedules.  Fortunately for Ben, Carina, Grace, Ruth and me our flight was going ahead.  However, the flight for Kelly, Adam and Joscelyn was cancelled.  They had to wait several hours in order to get onto another flight and eventually arrived home at 12.30 AM Wednesday morning.  What an ordeal!

You can see more photos by clicking here

Fixing the BSA

BSA frame with engine out and my Yamaha XS 650 in the background

About eighteen months ago Ruth and I went for a ride on the BSA Lightning I have stabled in the garage. I love this old bike, but like all vintage machines, it requires constant maintenence – sometimes more than others. On this occasion, we were about half an hour into our ride when the engine started to develop some alarming rattles. Not good. So we took it home and there it stayed – until recently. Now I have pulled the engine out of the frame and it is in parts stored in cardboard boxes.

Me cleaning the BSA barrels

For those who care to know, it turns out the camshaft was showing significant wear on one of the lobes, and there was evidence that one of the tappets was bent – seized in its housing in all likelihood. I surmised that the cause was due to a failing oil pump, because when I examined the pump it was showing signs of falling apart!
So, several hundred dollars worth of spare parts later, I am now ready to put the whole thing back together. Currently I’m waiting for some spare parts from my supplier – British Spares.

The BSA Cylinder head
The BSA Cylinder head

Touring Tasmania

Ruth and me at Herod's Gap
Ruth and me at Herod's Gap

Yesterday we arrived in Launceston after nearly two weeks of touring around. We’ve walked up Cradle Mountain, done the Walls of Jerusalem (gasp!) and ridden a pushbike on Maria Island. We’ve looked around Freycinet and (some of) walked over to Wineglass Bay and back. I was the one that wimped out on that due to having already had my fill of walking with the Jerusalem thing. Lee and Ruth are irrepressible though – if there’s a walk to be done, they do it.

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Coffee in Sheffield Tasmania
Coffee in Sheffield
At left is a photo of Ray, Lee and Ruth testing the quality of coffee available in Sheffield.

The trip to Launceston from Freycinet was particularly exciting as we were caught in the middle of some record rains in the north eastern region of Tas.  Roads were cut and we were prevented from passing in some places due to a washed out bridge and water over the road.

Me and Mandy
Me and Mandy in front of her place

While in the Freycinet area we visited my sister Mandy who lives near Swansea.  It had been some months since we last saw each other in Adelaide, so the time spent with each other was very enjoyable.

Eventually we arrived at Launceston where it was still raining, but so much as to threaten road travel.  Our day was spent exploring the Tamar Valley, with the highlight being a visit to Beaconsville, where the museum explained all the events of 2006 when the mining disaster occured there.

Windows blues solved

Well it wasn’t me, after all that. Telstra needed to reset Ruth’s email system. As soon as they had done that, after a somewhat lengthy phone call to their help services, it started to work. My faith in myself has been restored. Windows 7 is now installed on the home PC and all is well.
Now I can sleep!

Windows 7 blues

Stumped by Win 7
Stumped by Win 7

Usually I don’t have too much trouble troubleshooting  computer technology, but this is different.  The other day I got the smart idea of upgrading my Windows XP system to Windows 7.  I even went out and bought the media and software to do this.  Well, I’m here to say the journey has not been an easy one.  Apart from the fact I had to spend HOURS transfering backup copies of all my files – pictures, video clips, music etc – I have been completely unable to get Outlook to work for a second user on the system.  The problem is that the installation all goes according to norm, even “Tests” OK in the setup, but come the time when I want to send an email, do you think I can get it to work?  No way.  This is happening at the worst possible moment for Ruth, who needs email to get her job search under way.

On top of that, Windows 7 has some strange ways of dealing with authenticating connections to other devices like my NAS drive for example.  It all works OK on my lappy, but the desktop PC stubbornly refuses to “see” some of the storage locations.  Given time, I guess I’ll be able to sort it out, but in the interim – what a waste of time.  Grrr!

Zen and the art of blogg maintenance

Arizona memorial from the Missouri
Arizona memorial from the Missouri

How can I do all this?  The Canada trip was so huge and there are so many photos and things to show.  I’ll just have to pick a few choice ones as there is no way I can upload thousands of photos.  Anyway, who else would look at them except Ruth and me and perhaps a few long-suffering friends.  I know my kids humour me on this score, but their interest is understandably limited.

I think I need to just feel my way here.  Get a bit “Zen” about it and go with the flow. Continue reading Zen and the art of blogg maintenance

Back from Canada

Well, we’re back. Ruth and I returned from our four week tour of the USA and Canada on Sunday 30th May, tired but still excited over what we had seen and done.  Have you ever tried to work out the secrets of how an unfamiliar car central locking mechanism works in the middle of a snow storm? I have.  Have you walked across a glacier and seen the blueish green tinge of the ice beneath your feet?  I have.  Have you seen fresh bear prints in the snow and looked around wondering where the bear is now?  I have.

These are just some of the experiences we had on our trip away. Continue reading Back from Canada