Niagara Falls from the air

Getting on with it

OK, so now I’m back to it.  I’ve come home, had dinner, a couple of wines.  News on TV says Barack Obama is again not coming to Australia – well, how about THAT!  Storms in Lennox Heads.  Ministers resign from State Government – what else can happen?  Well, I can add a few more photos to the site, that’s what.

This one for example:

Niagara Falls from the air
Canada Niagara Falls from the air

I’ m pretty pleased with this one as this is from our helicopter flight around the falls.  I just love flying in helicopters.  They give you a great view of what is happening below.  We took a 10 minute flight for this.

The next pic below is of Niagara Falls again, showing the Canadian side (foreground) and the USA side (to the rear).  We heard various stories about heroes who had made a name for themselves by travelling over the falls.  Dozens of people have tried it in barrels, boats etc.  Most of them died.

The Canadian side of the falls is definitely more developed commercially.  This stands to reason, as the Canadians definitely have the best view of the falls.  Boy, do they make the most of it.  There is an entire city based in and around here exploiting the tourist trade.  Hotels, casinos, tour operators, taxis, bus operators etc.  You name it.

Of course, as tourists we are expected to play the game.  Ruth and I were no different.  Our helicopter ride cost an obscene amount of money.  I forget how much but it was perhaps a shade under $300 for 15 minutes.  But that’s what you do as a tourist isn’t it?  Spend $$$$.

Niagara from the air
Niagara from the air - both sides, Canada in foreground

The other thing I was trying to get used to was TIPPING.  I know, I know…the basic wage is so poor that workers rely on tips to get them through the day.  Well, this is the dilemma.  Pay a tip and provide the “top up” that really should be built into the basic wage, thus perpetuating the situation…or…don’t pay and feel guilty because these people go home at night with slightly less money in their pockets.  I don’t know the answer to this, but I do know it is really annoying from a consumer point of view.

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