Back! From Adelaide where we had a weekend of showing off the new grand-daughter Grace Gunn. Great Grand-dad Jim Gunn (my dad) got to hold her and take it all in. Grace’s father (my son) Ben had organised the trip and we all enjoyed the time with family touring the Fleurieu Peninsula. “Enjoyed” understates the case – we entered a very special moment in all our lives, as every single descendent of my father was present, participating in a family get-together that was definitely exceptional.

Being a Grandparent

Over a year ago now since the birth of my first grandchild -Grace Isabella.  Now my daughter Kelly has delivered our second grandchild, Jocelyn Summer.

Being a Grandparent is not without its challenges, not the least of which is the inevitable soul searching about growing old!  The good part is that one can have fun with the little one when they are being good, then hand them back to their parents when they are not.

Ruth has stepped up the plate and regularly baby-sits Grace.  Now we are trying to make similar arrangements for Jocelyn.  However, at the age of only three months, she is still a bit young yet.

Ah – there’s poetic justice for you.

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