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Sunday morning ride

Birkenhead Point bridges
Old bridge, new bridge

Sunday morning I decided to wheel the Yammie 650 out of its stable and give it a run.  With Ruth on the back, we set off on a briskly cool morning and were heading for the new(ish) village on Parramatta River called Birkenhead Point.

Thirty minutes later we arrived and strolled around the shopping centre, eventually settling on a cafe at the end of the mall where we enjoyed a coffee.  Our table was near the window and the sun streamed in, warming us nicely after the ride.
The wharf nearby beckoned, so after coffee we walked around, enjoying the sights of the boats moored in the marina.  The end of our walk took us to a small park underneath the new bridge that spans the river parallel to the old Iron Cove Bridge (left).
It was one of those mornings when it feels really great to be alive.  We were both feeling bourne up by the fresh and sunny feel of the morning.
On our return walk to the shopping mall we called in on the Kathmandu store and I bought a new sweater to replace the old one I was wearing, as it was looking somewhat worn out and shapeless.
Our return home was via Concord Road after a nice detour past Five Dock.
What a lovely morning.

Fixing the BSA

BSA frame with engine out and my Yamaha XS 650 in the background

About eighteen months ago Ruth and I went for a ride on the BSA Lightning I have stabled in the garage. I love this old bike, but like all vintage machines, it requires constant maintenence – sometimes more than others. On this occasion, we were about half an hour into our ride when the engine started to develop some alarming rattles. Not good. So we took it home and there it stayed – until recently. Now I have pulled the engine out of the frame and it is in parts stored in cardboard boxes.

Me cleaning the BSA barrels

For those who care to know, it turns out the camshaft was showing significant wear on one of the lobes, and there was evidence that one of the tappets was bent – seized in its housing in all likelihood. I surmised that the cause was due to a failing oil pump, because when I examined the pump it was showing signs of falling apart!
So, several hundred dollars worth of spare parts later, I am now ready to put the whole thing back together. Currently I’m waiting for some spare parts from my supplier – British Spares.

The BSA Cylinder head
The BSA Cylinder head