Mural in Quebec City

Back from Canada

Well, we’re back. Ruth and I returned from our four week tour of the USA and Canada on Sunday 30th May, tired but still excited over what we had seen and done.  Have you ever tried to work out the secrets of how an unfamiliar car central locking mechanism works in the middle of a snow storm? I have.  Have you walked across a glacier and seen the blueish green tinge of the ice beneath your feet?  I have.  Have you seen fresh bear prints in the snow and looked around wondering where the bear is now?  I have.

These are just some of the experiences we had on our trip away.

Mural in Quebec City
Mural in Quebec City

Hawaii – visited Pearl Harbour, the Arizona Memorial and toured the US battleship Missouri

Canada – the icy, lovely Icefield Parkway from Calgary to Jasper

Winnepeg – visited some rellies of Ruth’s

Toronto – Niagara Falls, the CN Tower

Quebec – beautiful Quebec City and its history

New Brunswick – caught up with fellow clansman Ian Gunn and his wife

Nova Scotia and Cape Breton – beautiful natural landscapes

New York – a fast and furious visit to take in the city where Ruth’s daughter Karyna lives

We arrived in Calgary and stepped off the plane into a snow storm.  Wow!  This was my first real experience with snow on this scale – the last time was about ten years ago in Meadow Flat when there was about three cms on the ground.

The next week was taken up with driving up through the Icefield Parkway from Banff to Jasper.  The Icefield Parkway is a region on th eastern side of the Rocky Mountains in Canada. Here we encountered beautiful scenery, snow, glaciers, bear, deer, goats and a few tourists.  Our choice of timing for our trip was fortunate, as there were not too many other tourists, it being the shoulder period between spring and summer.

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