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Zen and the art of blogg maintenance

Arizona memorial from the Missouri
Arizona memorial from the Missouri

How can I do all this?  The Canada trip was so huge and there are so many photos and things to show.  I’ll just have to pick a few choice ones as there is no way I can upload thousands of photos.  Anyway, who else would look at them except Ruth and me and perhaps a few long-suffering friends.  I know my kids humour me on this score, but their interest is understandably limited.

I think I need to just feel my way here.  Get a bit “Zen” about it and go with the flow. Continue reading Zen and the art of blogg maintenance

Back from Canada

Well, we’re back. Ruth and I returned from our four week tour of the USA and Canada on Sunday 30th May, tired but still excited over what we had seen and done.  Have you ever tried to work out the secrets of how an unfamiliar car central locking mechanism works in the middle of a snow storm? I have.  Have you walked across a glacier and seen the blueish green tinge of the ice beneath your feet?  I have.  Have you seen fresh bear prints in the snow and looked around wondering where the bear is now?  I have.

These are just some of the experiences we had on our trip away. Continue reading Back from Canada