About me

I’m Andrew Gunn, son of Jim Gunn.  That makes me a son of a Gunn!

I live in Sydney, Australia, with my partner Ruth.  I have a son (Ben) and a daughter (Kelly) both of whom are married and starting families of their own here in Sydney.

I love travel and overseas countries I have visited are the USA, UK, Scotland, Ireland and Canada. While yet to experience anywhere in Asia or Continental Europe, I hope to get there sometime before it gets too late. I have seen a bit of good old Oz too, having been to Tasmania three times, southern Queensland a couple of times, Kangaroo Island (even lived there for a time), Western Australia (Perth, the Kimberleys), Northern Territory (Kakadu, Litchfield areas) as well as lots of NSW.

I ride motorbikes.  There are two of them in my garage –  a BSA Lightning 650 and  a Yamaha XS 650.  The BSA is a 1966 model, a venerable old girl that has recently had a fresh coat of paint and sundry other improvements made to it. It looks great in my completely unbiased opinion. I have had this machine now since 1998 and have even ridden it to Melbourne and back. On the return journey at the time, Ruth sat as pillion on the back! The Yamaha is a 1973 model TX – the first of the XS650 line to have the strengthened frame, overcoming the legendary “middle-of-the-frame hinge” handling problems experienced by the earlier models.

I like to cook and eat great food, as do my friends.

My job is with the New South Wales Department of Education.

Although I was born and grew up in South Australia, most of my adult life has been spent living in Sydney.  The rest of my family remain living in South Australia.  I have three sisters, the oldest of which lives with and cares for my father in Adelaide.  This leaves Dad free to pursue his interests of gardening and woodworking.

Feel free to make positive comment on any of my blog pages.  If you feel negative about it, don’t bother saying anything. Any comments that would be considered offensive will be deleted and ignored!

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