Building The Kurrajong Studio

Starting with the backyard – and a Jacaranda tree in the middle of where the studio will go.

June 2020: Felling the jacaranda

We moved from Port Macquarie on the mid-north coast of NSW to Kurrajong in the Blue Mountains in March 2018. The house sits on a block of land large enough for us to build a workshop for me to indulge my hobbies of woodworking and metal working.

We wanted a workshop big enough to hold all my tools which included a metal lathe newly acquired (second hand) as well as benches, drill press table saw and sundry other items that were housed on a temporary basis in the garage attached to the house.

First job was to fell the jacaranda tree that was growing in the middle of the area selected to locate the studio.

July 2020: Digging the foundations for the studio
Foundations completed, steel reinforcement for the concrete slab was laid out.
The concrete slab has been poured and smoothed.
Brick work for the foundations under way.
Prefabricated frames were erected on the slab.
Rafters installed and roof added in September 2020.
By August 2021 we were well into installing the cladding.
Steel for the deck and stairs was pre-fabricated and delivered on site on13th January 2021.

Frame for stairs installed and decking in front of main entrance

Cladding installed and a new water tank installed

Inside the studio working with my son and grandson

Bespoke Woodcraft