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Whitsunday (1).jpg
Master and commander
Whitsunday (10).jpg
The crew relax on deck
Whitsunday (11).jpg
View of the boat with Ruth at the back of the dinghy
Whitsunday (12).jpg
Ruth washes the sand off her feet
Whitsunday (13).jpg
Tuckered out after a hard walk
Whitsunday (14).jpg
Sand bird
Whitsunday (15).jpg
Sunset over the lagoon
Whitsunday (2).jpg
Loading up at the dock
Whitsunday (3).jpg
Lee takes the helm
Whitsunday (4).jpg
More relaxation on deck
Whitsunday (5).jpg
Friendly wildlife
Whitsunday (6).jpg
Sunset over Hayman Island
Whitsunday (7).jpg
Our cabin accomodation
Whitsunday (8).jpg
Bushwalking on one of the islands
Whitsunday (9).jpg
Our catamaran, Skedaddle
A few pictures of our first sailing adventure in the Whitsunday Islands, August 2014

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