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Our new grand-daughter number four

My daughter, Kelly, delivered her third daughter (our fourth grand-daughter) on July 25th, 2014. Both mother and daughter were healthy and well after the new arrival. We were all very happy to greet Pollyanna who, with sisters Joscelyn and Phoebe has now swelled the ranks of our grandchildren to five in number. Her cousins Grace and Harry Gunn (children of my son Ben and his wife Carina) were happy to greet her into the world. Pollyanna’s father, Adam Lemke, was of course, also very proud of his new and beautiful little girl.

Grand-daughter number three arrives

Ruth holds Phoebe, aged 20 hours

Only 20 hours old, and here she is in our arms. Kelly delivered a new grand-daughter Monday evening on 8 October 2012. Phoebe April Lemke arrived at 9.28 pm, weighing 3.4 Kg and measuring 55 cm in length. She is a beautiful, perfect little girl and we are all very pleased that she and her mother are in good health.

This is Kelly’s second child, both daughters. Twenty-month-old Joscelyn does not appear unduly disturbed by the new arrival.

Father-daughter moments

Father -daughter bonding moment
Father -daughter bonding moment

Father’s day 2 September 2012. Kelly and Adam hosted us all for a wonderful day.  Ben and Carina arrived with Grace and Harry.  The photo shows Grace and Ben mowing their lawn in the morning.  We all had a great afternoon sitting around on the balcony watching Joscelyn and Grace play together.

Grace is a bee

Grace is a bee

A little while ago grand-daughter Grace was invited to a fancy dress party where the theme was to dress up as a bee.  Ruth searched the shops for a suitable costume and this is the result. One very happy little busy bee who took delight in buzzing around all over the house.  Grace loves play-acting and story telling and has a great imagination. Lucky we like bees!

Ruth jumps out of a perfectly good aeroplane

Back on the ground

It was a cool morning in Picton on 10 December 2011, a little overcast, but with no wind. Garth, Jo and I were there with Ruth to watch her through the experience. In fact Garth also did the sky-dive with her.

Our day started at 5.30 in the morning, getting up early in time to head off south from Marsfield in the car by 6.30AM after Garth and Jo had joined us.

We were at Picton Skydive by 7.30AM where the necessary paper work was completed, a brief training session was conducted and Ruth and Garth were kitted up in their sky-dive suit and harness.

By 8.30 it was all over. After a safe return to ground and an exhilarating experience for the intrepid twosome, we had a cup of coffee to wash down the bacon and egg sandwich purchased at the canteen, then headed off back to Sydney.


Ruth comes back to earth
Garth uncouples his chute


Ruth has now joined the exclusive club of skydivers she has known over the years including Garth (for whom today was his second skydive), Jo, Lee, Karyna and a number of others.  I don’t think I’ll be joining the club, although flying a glider can be fun!

Sydney Gunn Clan invades Adelaide

On the left we have Kelly, Adam and Joscelyn. This picture was taken during our long weekend stay over in Adelaide from June 11 to June 14, 2011. It was a great weekend for the Gunn Clan from both Sydney and Adelaide.  The Sydney mob had decided some months earlier that we would fly down to Adelaide and visit the Adelaide family.  Dad, Kath and Helen with her family had the chance to catch up not only with Ruth and me, but also with Ben, Carina, Grace, Kelly, Adam and of course, the new addition to the family – Joscelyn.  Dad was pretty chuffed with things – it was his first chance to actually see the new 11 week old great-grand-daughter in real life and to hold her in his arms.

Of course the other star attraction was Grace – first born great-grand-daughter and now about 15 months old.  It had been almost exactly a year since Ben and Carina had last visited Adelaide with Grace.  At the time Grace was also roughly 11 weeks old.  The timing was impeccable!

The Sydney contingent all stayed for three nights in a rented three bedroom apartment.  This was a convenient way for us to have found accommodation, and relatively economical too.  In the past my sister Helen has always been able to find a room for us.  On this occasion however, it would have been impossible for her to have housed all of us.

Ben, Grace and Carina

There were two main objectives for a successful weekend that Ruth and I had in mind.  One was to ensure that Dad had ample opportunity to spend time with the family, including those of us from Sydney.  The other objective was for Ruth and me to catch up with some friends who we had not seen for some time.  The Sunday of the weekend was scheduled for a trip to the Barossa Valley  – something we seem to always do when in South Australia.  Dad accompanied Ruth, Kath and me in a car we borrowed from sister Helen.  The others had hired cars of their own.  We had a great day, but it was very tiring for Kelly and Adam  as Joscelyn didn’t travel well in the car.

At left are some pictures taken while we were having lunch at Peter Lehman’s Winery in the Barossa.  I highly recommend this place for a great lunch where one can buy a taster plate of cheese, biscuits, olives, salami etc to have for lunch, accompanied by a bottle of excellent wine bought at the cellar door.  ALl this can be enjoyed inside warm and dry in winter, or, weather permitting, outside in the park-like surrounds which are beautifully kept.

Me, Kath, Ruth, Grace, Ben and Dad

On Monday we called in on some friends who Ruth and I worked with in Sydney about 15 years ago.  We also visited a friend of mine who I have known for almost 40 years.  Phil is a lecturer in accountancy in a university in Adelaide and we spent a very enjoyable afternoon with him and his family. On Tuesday, Ruth and I visited a friend from Sydney who had recently moved to Adelaide.  She had settled into a new apartment situated near Port Adelaide.

Our departure was scheduled for Tuesday around noon and this time arrived all too soon.  This was the day when volcanic ash was spreading from an eruption in South America and was causing havoc with air flight schedules.  Fortunately for Ben, Carina, Grace, Ruth and me our flight was going ahead.  However, the flight for Kelly, Adam and Joscelyn was cancelled.  They had to wait several hours in order to get onto another flight and eventually arrived home at 12.30 AM Wednesday morning.  What an ordeal!

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