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Helping Garth create a website

Garth running a marathon

Today I helped Garth put together his new website for his business, Synenergywellbeing.  I had to research how this was done in WordPress because it has been some time since I last did this for my own site and I had forgotten.

It took me a while, but eventually I got it.

Points to note:

1. Download and unzip the WordPress files from the WordPress site on the net.

2. Set up your MySQL database, ensuring all the admin rights have been assigned to the database admin user, as instructed.

3. Change the parameters in the first three lines of code within the wp-admin/config-sample.pmp file on the computer, save it again as config.pmp then upload it to the server (an ftp application is needed for this and I use FireFTP in Firefox.  The server access details are needed of course, available from the internet service provider).

4. In the web browser, go to the location of the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions.

Things must be done in the correct order, no mistakes.

The picture on the left is of Garth running a marathon.  I felt a bit like this myself in doing the website.  But now that it works, I feel like I’ve achieved something worthwhile.

Windows blues solved

Well it wasn’t me, after all that. Telstra needed to reset Ruth’s email system. As soon as they had done that, after a somewhat lengthy phone call to their help services, it started to work. My faith in myself has been restored. Windows 7 is now installed on the home PC and all is well.
Now I can sleep!

Windows 7 blues

Stumped by Win 7
Stumped by Win 7

Usually I don’t have too much trouble troubleshooting  computer technology, but this is different.  The other day I got the smart idea of upgrading my Windows XP system to Windows 7.  I even went out and bought the media and software to do this.  Well, I’m here to say the journey has not been an easy one.  Apart from the fact I had to spend HOURS transfering backup copies of all my files – pictures, video clips, music etc – I have been completely unable to get Outlook to work for a second user on the system.  The problem is that the installation all goes according to norm, even “Tests” OK in the setup, but come the time when I want to send an email, do you think I can get it to work?  No way.  This is happening at the worst possible moment for Ruth, who needs email to get her job search under way.

On top of that, Windows 7 has some strange ways of dealing with authenticating connections to other devices like my NAS drive for example.  It all works OK on my lappy, but the desktop PC stubbornly refuses to “see” some of the storage locations.  Given time, I guess I’ll be able to sort it out, but in the interim – what a waste of time.  Grrr!