Skeddaddle at anchor

August 2014 in the Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsunday Islands off the coast of Queensland was our holiday destination in August 2014. The usual suspects gathered together (Cairns airport) from where we all caught the plane to Proserpine, close to Airlie Beach where the boat would be hired.

After half a day of training with our sail-guide, we had the boat to ourselves and off we went, spending the first night moored in Nara Inlet.  For the next week we cruised about on the catamaran Skeddaddle, sticking to the west coast of the island group.  Unfortunately, the weather was not always favourable for sailing, but this did not stop us from having a great time relaxing on the deck, reading, swimming and even fishing!  No fish were ever close to becoming a meal for us.

After a week of just kicking back, we returned the boat to its rightful owners and found ourselves driving up the Queensland coast for another week of touring and sight-seeing along this beautiful piece of Australian coastline.  We got as far north as Cape Tribulation.  The feature event for my money was the cable car ride and the steam train journey back from Kuranda.

A remarkable case of serendipity occurred while we were walking around in the rainforests nearby to Kuranda. A couple of years ago, the sailing trip we had just finished had been experienced and extensively documented by a friend of mine from Adelaide, Ian Collett. While on the boat, we enjoyed reading Ian’s blogging and comments about the Whitsundays. Now, here I was traipsing along one of the tracks I looked up to see a familiar figure coming towards me from the opposite direction. Of all people! It was Ian! Here we were, from Sydney, in a remote rainforest in Queensland and I almost literally bump into Ian (from Adelaide) who was sight seeing with friends. Unbelievable, but true.

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