Ruth jumps out of a perfectly good aeroplane

Back on the ground

It was a cool morning in Picton on 10 December 2011, a little overcast, but with no wind. Garth, Jo and I were there with Ruth to watch her through the experience. In fact Garth also did the sky-dive with her.

Our day started at 5.30 in the morning, getting up early in time to head off south from Marsfield in the car by 6.30AM after Garth and Jo had joined us.

We were at Picton Skydive by 7.30AM where the necessary paper work was completed, a brief training session was conducted and Ruth and Garth were kitted up in their sky-dive suit and harness.

By 8.30 it was all over. After a safe return to ground and an exhilarating experience for the intrepid twosome, we had a cup of coffee to wash down the bacon and egg sandwich purchased at the canteen, then headed off back to Sydney.


Ruth comes back to earth
Garth uncouples his chute


Ruth has now joined the exclusive club of skydivers she has known over the years including Garth (for whom today was his second skydive), Jo, Lee, Karyna and a number of others.  I don’t think I’ll be joining the club, although flying a glider can be fun!

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